Independent Groups

The Lay Public Advisory Group

The Lay Public Advisory Group (LPAG) is made up of independent members of the public, who will provide input into the research through annual workshops, city workshops, industry conferences and on an ad hoc basis. The WP4 lead (Gibson) is responsible for the LPAG.

External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) comprises 10 independent members who meet annually.  The first meeting was held via video conference on 27th November 2020.  Future meetings are planned to occur after the annual workshop events.  The SMT also attends this meeting.  Membership of the EAB is confirmed as: Julia Goldsworthy (Chair, Director of Strategy, West Midlands Combined Authority), Stephen Aldridge (Director for Analysis and Data, Ministry of Housing, Development and Local Government), Dan Bristow (Director of Policy and Practice, Wales Centre for Public Policy), Nancy Edwards (Emeritus Professor of Nursing Sciences, University of Ottawa), Halima Khan (Executive Director Communities and Skills, Mayor of London/London Assembly), Richard Meier (Mixed-Use Property Developer), Sunand Prasad (Principal, Penoyre & Prasad), Richard Upton (Chief Development Officer, U+I), Victoria Ofovbe (Public Contributor), Leila Gamaz (Public Contributor)